Our Services

QUALITY TRAINING : We conduct training programmes on LEAN MANAGEMENT and SIX SIGMA. Our expert trainers have indepth knowledge and practical work experience in quality departement across different industries such as  manufacturing, retail, ites, it, hospitality, communication etc.

MANPOWER RECRUITMENT :  Manpower or Human Resource is the key to the overall growth of an organization. Our team of experienced professionals with expertise in definite verticals ensures the continuity of best available talents to the house. Our indigenous data base and perennial sources of talent  put through our time tested methodology provide our clients their exact requirement.

CAREER COUNSELING : Using our Knowledge of prevailing trends both economical and technological, We advise the candidates in the right way which enables them to choose the right career.  We help them to select the appropriate specialization / avenue for further study after conducting expert appitude test and psychometric test to provide them with scientific basis of selection.

TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT : Plan First has retained a panel of skilled and very experienced Trainers across the country who not only impart training on predefined modules but also design training modules to meet specific training requirements of an enterprise.